Before completing any of the items listed below, please check with MPHS or Marysville School District to see if volunteers are allowed at this time.


For all MSD and Music Department Events involving student supervision:
All volunteers and chaperones must be approved by the Marysville School District.  The current volunteer approval registration form, which includes the Washington State Background Check and HIB information, may be found with this link:   Once approved, the volunteer status is valid for two years.
For approval to drive students in a personal vehicle, use this form Volunteer Driver Checklist.  A Driving Record will be required, and can be requested online or in person at a Driver Licensing Office.  Cost $13.00. 
Please turn in all forms with any required attachments to the school or district office.  
The Music Director will have access to MSD volunteer status records, and has final authority for volunteer disposition. 

You do not need to be a Music Booster member to volunteer/chaperone for MP Music Department Events.

For Booster Related Events:
All MP School and Music Department event volunteers/chaperones are required to have approved MSD Volunteer status.  Music Booster only volunteers are not required to have the volunteer approval; however, as most of our Music Booster events are in conjunction with Music Department events and involve our students; and the safety of all our students is paramount, we request your taking the time to obtain approval.  Music Booster opportunities that will not involve our students, where approval would not be required, may be available.  Please contact Music Boosters for more information.
Many of our volunteering opportunities involve cooking and serving food to our students at Music Department events.  We would appreciate our volunteers taking the food handler training to help us keep our students safe and healthy.  The course is online at It takes about an hour and the cost is $10.00